1. Navigating a changed world: Leadership in mental health during COVID-19

In this webinar, we'll engage with leading experts on the challenges and changes resulting from COVID-19. You'll hear about important research findings and the current lessons to be learned to better understand how global pandemics impact mental health. This webinar will also offer the opportunity to learn practical strategies to promote mental health in your organization. Participants will benefit by connecting with respected and influential authorities on ways to proactively promote mental health during these changing times. Presentations from an expert panel will be followed by a moderated discussion and a question and answer period.

Panelists: Dr. Greg Anderson, Dr. Allan Holmes, Dr. Vivien Lee

Moderator: Trudi Rondou

2. Surviving COVID-19: Lessons on what we have lived and learned

In this webinar, we'll hear from a panel of first responder leaders and mental health experts on what we have learned from the lived experiences of first responders personally impacted by the pandemic. First responder leaders will share what they have learned from working with those who have survived COVID-19. A panel discussion will cover the real-life challenges, the lessons learned, and make practical recommendations for first responder leaders to follow to protect the mental health of workers in their organizations. An open dialogue with the speaker panel will be followed by moderated discussion and a question and answer period.

Panelists: Superintendent Andrew Chan, Dr. Mark Davies, Jayne Hamilton, Ryan Stewart

Moderator: Trudi Rondou

3. Returning to work from a psychological injury: Challenges and recommendations

In this webinar, we'll hear from experts with diverse perspectives offering a unique look into the return-to-work process. The panel will provide insight into the challenges, lessons, and strategies for leading a successful transition and reintegration back to work after a mental health injury.

Additionally, you will learn about return-to-work best practices and key considerations. This session will be an opportunity to discuss the complexities of RTW, and learn about the recommendations made by experts from a panel including a first responder leader, a first responder health and safety program manager, and experienced leaders on the RTW process.

Panelist: Captain Steve Farina, Alyson Kennedy, Sgt. Glen Klose, Diana Vissers

Moderator: Trudi Rondou

4. Silent struggles: A look at stigma and co-morbidities in the first responder community

In this webinar, we'll take a deeper look into why first responders continue to suffer in silence and struggle with co-morbidities, such as substance misuse and suicidality. Learn about important research findings, statistics, and how to proactively reduce mental health stigma in your organization. First responder leaders can expect to learn about prevention strategies, practical tools, and how to navigate the resources available to address comorbidities in the first responder community. Participants will also benefit from the opportunity to engage with a recently retired first responder and a chaplain, who will share their personal insights and make suggestions on how leaders can support those who may be silently struggling alone. The clinical experts will deliver presentations to be followed by moderated discussion and a question and answer period.

Panelists: Emma Hyde, Dr. David Kuhl, Dr. Ross Laird,
Jef Young

Moderator: Trudi Rondou

5. In this together: Family resilience and first responder mental health

We often hear that family connection is important for positive mental health, but why? Learn about the importance of family resilience, research and key findings on family support, and hear from the personal insights of a first responder's family experience. This webinar will offer a deeper understanding of the lived experiences, from a panel that includes a first responder, a first responder's spouse, and a mental health clinician who specializes in supporting first responders and their families. Leaders will gain knowledge on how to promote family resilience, and learn more about the support and resources available to help build family resilience in their organizations and among their members. A clinical expert will present research and key findings that will be followed by a panel discussion with a first responder, his spouse and a registered clinical counsellor who works with first responders. The panel discussion will be followed by moderated discussion and a question and answer period.

Panelists: Lionel and Joanna Crowther, Dr. Mark Davies, Leah Pells

Moderator: Trudi Rondou

6. Having the "conversation": Promoting mental health through diversity and inclusion

The conversation around diversity and inclusion can be a challenging one to have. In this webinar, we'll hear about the lived experiences of first responders who have been impacted by the complexities of diversity and inclusion, not only in the workplace but also personally. This webinar will feature first responder leaders with lessons learned, practical strategies to ensure their conversations are inclusive and acknowledge diversity, and a deeper understanding of the workplace issues that impact mental health. A presentation from guest speakers will be followed by moderated discussion and a question and answer period.

Panelists: Superintendent Michelle Davey, Dr. Lisa Gunderson, Gillian Hicks

Moderator: Trudi Rondou