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Mental Health Commision of Canada

The Mental Health Commission of Canada (MHCC) is a catalyst for improving the mental health system and changing the attitudes and behaviours of Canadians around mental health issues. Through its unique mandate from Health Canada, the MHCC brings together leaders and organizations from across the country to accelerate these changes.

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The Ministry of Labour helps ensure B.C.’s labour and employment laws reflect the needs of British Columbians. A key priority is safety, and the ministry is actively working with WorkSafeBC to make B.C. the safest jurisdiction in Canada: all workers need to return home healthy and safe at the end of the day. Our Workers’ Advisers Office provides free advice and assistance to workers and their dependants navigating the workers’ compensation system. The ministry’s Employers’ Advisers Office provides advice, assistance, representation and education related to the workers’ compensation system for employers operating in B.C. The ministry is modernizing labour legislation to support all workers in B.C., and preventing the exploitation of vulnerable workers. Our work to increase the minimum wage, review and update the Employment Standards Act and the Labour Relations Code, and create the new Temporary Foreign Worker Protection Act all support healthy, safe and progressive workplaces in the province.

With respect to first responders and mental health, recent changes to workers’ compensation created a new mental disorder presumption for first responders and other specified workers exposed to workplace trauma, thus facilitating their eligibility for workers’ compensation benefits while they recover. Since 2015, the ministry has been an active participant with WorkSafeBC and first responder worker and employer representatives on the Supporting Mental Health in First Responders Steering Committee.

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For the past 25 years, FSEAP has been a leading national provider of Employee and Family Assistance Programs, Critical Incident Stress Management Interventions, and Critical Incident Response services. FSEAP provides services to first responder groups and organizations across Canada and specifically in BC has played an active role in developing customized trainings and participating in Municipal task forces’ specific to BC firefighter mental health, resilience and wellness needs. As Canada’s only national, not for profit Employee Assistance provider, we’re connected to both the local workforce and the needs of the local community.

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BC Association of Clinical Counsellors

The BC Association of Clinical Counsellors (BCACC) is the professional association that represents Registered Clinical Counsellors (RCCs) in British Columbia. For the past 30 years, BCACC members have been setting the standard for counselling in B.C. Every counsellor who carries the RCC designation has met specific educational and training criteria required by the BCACC. Whatís more, our RCCs have not only met the academic, clinical competence and professional requirements, they have voluntarily committed themselves to self-regulation, and to practice according to our ethical code of conduct and standards of practice. Over the past year, BCACC has worked with the BCFFPA and First Responder Health Services to assist in the deployment of their Occupational Awareness Training for Therapists: Understanding First Responder Trauma; helping to bring this training to our counsellors around B.C.

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Organizational support provided by WorkSafeBC

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