Dr. Mark Davies, Registered Psychologist, B.A. M.Div. M.Ed. Ph.D.

Dr. Mark DaviesDr. Davies received his Ph.D. in Counselling Psychology from the University of Alberta in 1995. From 1995 to 2007 Dr. Davies was an associate professor of family studies at Carey and Regent College on the UBC campus. Since 2007 Dr. Davies has been in full time private practice. Dr. Davies has extensive experience working with trauma and first responders. His work includes providing psychological services for individuals, facilitating CISDs, leading seminars and workshops, and acting as a consultant to first responder agencies.

His expertise includes treating psychological issues (depression, anxiety, trauma), building psychological resilience and creating psychologically healthy workplaces. The resilience program he developed has been used by many first responder agencies and he has trained over 3000 first responders in it. He is a contributing author of Power, Police Officer Wellness, Ethics and Resilience (Eds. Papazoglou and Blumberg, Academic Press, 2020).

Session 2 - Surviving COVID-19: Lessons on what we have lived and learned

Session 5 - In this together: Family resilience and first responder mental health