Lionel Crowther

Lionel CrowtherLionel has been a firefighter for 21 years, the last 19 of which were with the Winnipeg Fire Department.

Lionel’s many roles include IAFF Burn Foundation Coordinator for the 13th District, Master Instructor for the IAFF Fire Ground Survival Program, trainer for the Petzl EXO Escape System, and faculty member for the Canadian Burn Symposium. Lionel is also trained as a peer support for burn-injured firefighters and is actively involved with the Firefighter and Burn Survivor program for the American Burn Association. He recently graduated from the Los Angeles Fire Department Leadership Academy.

Lionel lives in Winnipeg Manitoba, with his wife and three children.


Session: Lionel Crowther, Acting Lieutenant, Winnipeg Fire Department.  

Description: On Feb. 4, 2007, a tragic fire changed the lives of the Crowther family. Since that incident, Lionel and his wife Joanna have been persistent in the relentless attention that ongoing survival truly requires. Enduring the trauma was one triumph, yet the struggle to recapture their lives and reaffirm sense of self and family was and is, a larger, trial.

In this presentation, Lionel will break down what happened on scene that tragic night and then share the many challenges and triumphs he and his family faced because of this incident both as a firefighter and from the personal, private side of being a husband, father and survivor.