Chief Karen Fry

Chief Karen Fry has had a long career in Fire Services, starting as a dispatcher in 1999. Since 2017, Fry has been the fire chief in Nanaimo, where she has prioritized the health and wellness of the entire fire department with mental health initiatives. She also participated in the Road to Mental Readiness at Loon Lake.

Previously, Karen was the first female fire chief officer in Surrey, serving as the Deputy Chief of Communications and overseeing the Fire Prevention and Education Division.

Chief Fry is the deputy career director on the Executive Board of the BC Fire Chiefs, and member of the Canadian Fire Chiefs. She holds a degree in Business and Liberal Studies from SFU to supplement an array of leadership and fire officer courses. Most importantly however, she is a mother of five kids ranging in age from 10 to 29 years old.

Session Description: Leadership Breakout (fire focus)  Chief Fry will share her experiences and approach to mental health as a leader in fire services. Afterwards, she will take part in a facilitated panel with Neil Dubord, Police Chief and Linda Lupini, Vice President of BC Emergency Health Services.

Watch a video of the presentation (Karen's talk begins at 20:56) or view the presentation slides.