Jamie D. Grant

Jamie GrantJamie has been featured in Ripley's Believe It or Not... twice, spoken at TEDx Emory, been on the cover of magic's Genii Magazine, written two books, invented magic tricks, played Las Vegas three times, taught at the University of British Columbia, won bicycle races, spoken all over the world, saved over five hundred lives, and can memorize the order of a shuffled deck of cards in under a minute...

More importantly, however, he is also a Unit Chief with BC Emergency Health Services and has been with them proudly for over 15 years. While working throughout Vancouver and the Downtown Eastside in the role of both paramedic and preceptor, Jamie uses positivity, attitude, and a unique outlook to teach others not only how to change lives, but the world.


Session: The Power of Positivity

Description: Imagine discovering superpowers that you never realized you had. Jamie will be sharing real-world techniques, tools, and thoughts to help bring to light, those incredible abilities that lie within all of us. Utilizing the power of positivity, and a touch of magic, Jamie will share secrets that he has used for decades to maximise the joy and wonder in our day-to-day experiences and interactions. Far from abstract ideas, specific actions will be offered as a way to achieve the goal of not walking away a superhero, but rather as one who has the power to create superheroes at will. We will be starting with everyone in the room.