Dr. Greg Anderson

Dr. Greg AndersonDr. Greg Anderson is the Dean of Applied Research and Graduate Studies at the Justice Institute of British Columbia and an Associate Director of the Canadian Institute for Public Safety Research and Treatment. In both positions, Greg carries his passion for improving the well-being of Canadian public safety personnel, their colleagues, their organizations, and their families through world class research resulting in evidence-informed practices, policies, and programs for all public safety personnel in Canada.


Session: Building Personal Resistance in Public Safety Personnel

Description: Practitioners, scholars and policymakers working in areas of public safety and mental health have long recognized that the risk for post-traumatic stress injuries (PTSI) is high within emergency and law enforcement responder organizations. However, education and training programs in these organizations has historically been “preoccupied with the technical and physical aspects...” (Williams, 2013) and less on the human element of performing the role, as well as coping and resilience strategies and interventions. In response to this need, in 2014, the JIBC developed and piloted an online resilience resource for development of resilience and coping strategies. This presentation will cover the topics of resilience, coping and mental health in public safety personnel and the need for further evidence to inform future decisions on resource uptake and use.