Eric Kussin

Eric KussinEric Kussin is a former 15-year pro sports executive, who has worked at the NBA league office, and with the Chicago Bulls, Phoenix Suns, New Jersey Devils and the Florida Panthers. Eric was fortunate enough to find a higher calling after an intense mental health battle. He has recently launched a global alliance of athletes and celebrities, along with expert practitioners: The #weareallalittlecrazy Global Mental Health Alliance. Its members know that life affects all of us, no matter our background or status, and that mental health exists on a spectrum, as opposed to sufferers vs. non-sufferers.

Together, they are using platforms and consistent messaging to change the narrative around the world, educate the masses, implement much-needed programs on the ground, and make it comfortable for everyone to ask for help when they need it. The #SameHere Movement is a campaign that's woven throughout their communication. It's a sign language gesture that can be used universally in the context of the mental health world to mean: same here, I too struggle with some of life’s inevitable challenges. We’re in this together.


Session: We’re All a Little “Crazy”: Global Mental Health Alliance™
The #SameHere Movement

Description: The #SameHere movement believes that every human being is affected by life’s inevitable traumas and losses. We cannot escape their impact, as challenges are an unavoidable part of the human experience. This session will focus on the paradigm shift the movement wants to bring about in society, "normalizing" mental health conversations and changing the perception of 1 in 5 with “mental illness,” to 5 in 5 affected by mental health complications. The misconceptions perpetuated by the media and various mental health experts must be changed. This led Eric to form a non-profit that brings together influencers from all over the world to talk about mental health in a consistent way, with this singular campaign, #SameHere.

Eric will also share his journey from a successful career in professional sports, to his battle against major PTSD, which culminated in his full recovery and decision to commit to fundamentally alter the nature of society’s conversation about mental health through public advocacy.

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