Diana Vissers

Diana VissersDiana Vissers is a professional consultant for disability management with a special focus on mental health. For 25 years, she has worked with organizations to preserve and promote the health of their employees and with individuals who are experiencing health challenges that interfere with work. Her diverse experience includes working in the private and public sectors, with Workers’ Compensation Boards, private disability insurance companies, employers, unions, and community based mental health agencies.

She is an active member of an array of professional organizations including the Human Resources Management Association, Vocational Rehabilitation Association of Canada, the College of Vocational Rehabilitation Professions. She also provides in-kind services for the BC Professional Fire Fighters Association where she serves on the Mental Health Task Force.

Diana completed her Masters of Arts degree in Disability Management with a special focus on workplace disability prevention and mental health. She has a passion for changing lives by facilitating a better understanding of mental health and teaching how to prevent and resolve mental health challenges. Diana recently developed the first Workplace Wellness course in Canada for Simon Fraser University and developed a Return to Work best practice course for OH&S students; she also conducts research and provides support within the first responder community in British Columbia.

Session - Building Resilience through Return to Work

Description: Research shows that the earlier an injured worker returns to work (RTW), the better their chance of a full recovery; and that collaboration between the worker, employer, and treatment team is crucial for success. In a co-presentation with Greg Gauthier, Diana will speak to the benefits of early intervention and return to work strategies, while addressing some of the obstacles often present in the complex firefighter work environment. She will highlight successful approaches from both research and practice. Greg will share his successful self-directed RTW story and how it challenged his organization to think outside the box. This joint presentation will provide insights and practical solutions from the perspectives of both a worker, and a RTW professional.

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