Dr. Dan Bilsker

Dr. Dan BilskerPsychologist Dan Bilsker, PhD, provides individual psychotherapy, conducts applied research to change the way mental health services are delivered and provides consultation to organizations on psychological health and safety. His academic appointments are Clinical Assistant Professor, Faculty of Medicine, University of British Columbia, and Adjunct Professor, Faculty of Health Sciences, Simon Fraser University. He is Co-Director of Vancouver Psych Health & Safety. Dan has developed and disseminated workbooks to build psychological resilience, with 800,000 of these downloaded worldwide since 2009.


Session: Resilience training needs of paramedics and dispatchers: A study of BCEHS staff

Description: EMS personnel are exposed to highly-stressful events and thus are at risk of psychological injury; one response has been to train them to be more resilient so that they are better able to recover from stress. It has been shown that training should be customized to specific occupational groups to be most effective, however most training is delivered in a standardized form. Dr. Bilsker will provide an overview of the study in which he surveyed EMS personnel to identify basic coping factors relevant to customizing training to this occupational group. Five ‘resilient coping factors’ were identified. They provide a basis for designing resilience training that responds to the unique coping profiles of EMS workers. It is recommended that training modules be designed to enhance these ‘resilient coping factors’ through the use of cognitive-behavioural methods.

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